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Our Story

Design, Engineer, Improve.

Grant Burton - Owner Burtsway

BURTSWAY is a family owned and operated local business which originated in a small workshop with a single person designing, fabricating, testing, customising, improving (sometimes not... haha) various projects and products.


These practical interests combined with annual camping getaways saw the need to solve an issue many of us face... finding a stable and level surface to place our gas bottle for cooking. Every now and again, we find just the right spot... but every now and again is just not good enough. We needed a solution that works anytime and anywhere.

Enter the ULTIMATE Gas Bottle Stand. "Something you didn't realise you needed, until you've used it... and now wonder how you ever got by without it" ​

The convenience of having something compact when folded makes it super easy to pack and take with anywhere while giving you a large footprint when unfolded for greatly increased stability.

Although our workshop may have a relatively small footprint, its big in heart and contains everything required to manufacture mostly everything in-house (bar laser cutting and electro plating).


In an attempt to support our local economy, all the materials and consumables we use as part of the manufacturing process are locally sourced.

Please show your support by following us on Facebook. Give us feedback, let us know what you think.

Grant Burton - Owner Burtsway
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