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Convenient Sanitation

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Foot Valve is a convenient and user friendly foot operated water demand valve perfectly suited for installation in commercial kitchens, restaurants, or anywhere requiring the ultimate in contactless sanitation. 

This installation allows a user to sanitise their hands by completing the hand washing process without the need to touch any taps or valves. Start the water flowing by simply pressing down on the valve with your foot, sanitise your hands and after the process is complete, simply remove your foot from the valve and the water will automatically stop.

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Each enclosure is manufactured from 430 Grade Stainless Steel and polished to a mirror finish. This ensures a long lasting and durable product which is easily cleaned.

Units are secured to the ground using four anchor points. 4 x 6.5mm holes are provided.

All materials are locally sourced and

each unit is completely manufactured

and assembled in-house. 

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Each unit uses a simple and robust mechanical design which doesn't require any electronics to operate.

The assembly incorporates a Walcro 111D demand valve which is installed into each enclosure.

Typical Installation Example

Foot Valve Installation 02.JPG


- Stand alone product images and/or product images showing multiple units are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

- Each Foot Valve is sold as a single stand alone unit.

- All additional products and items in the typical installation example above are for illustrative purposes only.

- Nail-in anchors not supplied with product.

Technical Specifications


Material (enclosure) - Grade 430BA Stainless Steel

Material (base plate) - Grade 430BA Stainless Steel

Hardware - M6 Stainless Steel button head hex screw (4 off)

Finish - Externally Mirror polished


Walcro 111D - 15mm BSP, DRZ brass, chrome in-line demand valve (SABS Approved SANS 1808-66)

Each Foot Valve Assembly Includes:

1 x Top Enclosure

1 x Base plate

1 x Demand valve

4 x M6 screws

Mounting Requirements:

4 x M6 Stainless Steel nail-in anchors (not included) through base plate

Inlet and Outlet Water Connection:

Inlet - 15mm FxF threaded (direct fitting to demand valve)

Outlet - 15mm FXF threaded (direct fitting to demand valve)

Side View with dimensions (low res).png
Back View with dimensions (low res).png
Front View with dimensions (low res).png
Isometric View (low res).png


- Dimensions are for illustrative purposes only. Actual dimensions may vary to a small degree

Typical Configuration

Each Foot Valve unit controls only one stream of water (i.e. 1 x cold water stream OR 1 x hot water stream OR 1 x pre-mixed cold/hot water stream).

Typically, a thermostatic mixing valve is installed before each foot valve to control water temperature and thereafter, braided flexible water pipe or Multi Layer Pipe (MLP) is used to feed water from the mixing valve into the Foot Valve. 

Outlet water from the Foot Valve is typically connected to a point where the water source is required (i.e. a water spout on a basin).

Thermostatic Mixing Valve 01.png

Recommended Thermostatic mixing valve - Rada Meynell 15/3

(This valve is recommended because it includes integral check valves and strainers)

Cold water supply from building

Thermostatic mixing valve

Hot and cold mixed water outlet  connected to inlet of foot valve

Foot Valve Installation 04.png

Hot water supply from building

Outlet of foot valve connected to water spout on basin


Assembly / disassembly:

The top of the Foot Valve unit may be separated from the base plate by removing 4 x M6 hex screws (two on each side).

During assembly, the 4 x M6 hex screws (two on each side) should only be hand tightened. Do NOT use power tools such as drill drivers or impact drivers to tighten these screws or damage to the base plate will occur.

Mounting Requirements:

Each Foot Valve unit must be secured to the ground using a minimum of four anchor points.

Mounting the base plate typically requires 4 x M6 Stainless Steel nail-in anchors, which are inserted through each of the holes in the base plate and secured into appropriately sized holes drilled into a tiled / concrete surface.

Inlet and Outlet Water Connection:

If a direct connection to a hot or cold water supply is made, or if a mixing valve without integral strainers is installed, a separate strainer should be installed and connected to the inlet side of the Foot Valve.


Typically two brass 15mm Conex elbows CXMI are used, one connected to the inlet and the other connected to the outlet of the demand valve within the enclosure. Thereafter braided flexible water pipe or Multi Layer Pipe (MPL) is passed through the opening at the back of the enclosure and used to make the connection between water source and outlet location.

Conex Elbow.png
Braided Water Pipe.png


Configuration, choice of pipe and fittings is at the sole discretion of the installer. References and images above are used as examples and for illustrative purposes only. Burtsway assumes no responsibility for the incorrect choice and use of piping and/or fittings, and/or their configuration.

Purchase Order Form

Fill in the details that you would like included on your invoice. Complete the form below, submit, and we will email a Pro-Forma invoice to you.

R2 650.00 per Foot Valve

Price above is for one Foot Valve only. It does not include any other fittings, piping, mixing valves, basins, spouts, etc 


Price does not include VAT. We are not a VAT Vendor.


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