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User Guide

Easy to use, simple and fast to setup, and small enough to fit in your pocket when folded

Unfold and Lock Into Shape

With the hooks facing upward, unfold both side legs by rotating each leg outward and around until the frame forms a 'Y' shape.
Remove the central locking pin and leave it dangling.
Align both locking pin holes with each other, and within the centre hole of the frame, thereafter insert the locking pin so that it passes through both legs as shown below.
Gas Bottle Stand
Gas Bottle Stand
Gas Bottle Stand
Gas Bottle Stand
IMPORTANT - Check the frame is securely locked in a 'Y' shape before use. 

Clamping The Gas Bottle

Step 1
Rotate the clamping screw anti-clockwise to move the adjustable hook towards the centre of the frame.
Gas Bottle Stand
Step 2
Place the base of a gas bottle over the set of fixed hooks. Use the appropriate set of hooks which allow the gas bottle to be centred as much as possible (Not every gas bottle will be exactly centred when hooked).
Gas Bottle Stand
Step 3
Rotate the clamping screw clockwise until the adjustable hook pulls the base of the gas bottle against the opposing fixed hooks. Finger tight should be sufficient. The gas bottle should now be securely hooked to the frame and is ready for use.
Gas Bottle Stand

Levelling The Cooking Surface

Levelling the cooking surface
Place the frame and gas bottle assembly on a firm surface and rotate the adjustable leg screws as required, one at a time, to level the cooking surface.
Gas Bottle Stand
This frame is designed to accommodate most size gas bottles that have a base ring with an inner rolled lip. Using a bottle without an inner rolled lip is NOT recommended.
If you are unsure of the type of base ring your bottle has, turn the bottle upside down and inspect the ring.
Inner rolled lip
If the base ring of your bottle has an inner rolled lip as shown here, and the inner turn-up is not higher than 15mm, your bottle is compatible.
Flat base ring (No Inner rolled lip)
Use of this gas bottle stand is not recommended if the base ring of your bottle is flat as shown here

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Gas Bottle Stand

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