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Frequently asked questions about our products

  • Are there any local shops where I can see and buy a Gas Bottle Stand?
    Yes, most definitely. Our Gas Bottle Stands are currently available at the following retail outlets and on Takealot: Port Elizabeth / Uitenhage - Kloppers - Fennells Gas and Appliances - LA Sport - The Gas Connexion - GASCOR (Uitenhage) East London - GAS SA - Spargs Super Spar - Gas Express and Accessories - Kexin HFC - Cocabana Canvas & Caravans
  • Does it work with any size gas bottle?
    The stand is designed to accomodate many different sizes and brands of gas bottle. Generally speaking, it accomodates bottles ranging from 3kg up to 9kg however the stand may accomodate smaller and larger bottles depending on the base ring at the bottom of the gas bottle in question. See our list of known brands and bottle sizes. List of known compatible gas bottle brands and sizes: Please Note: There may be other bottles not liste below that are compatible with the stand CADAC - 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 9kg, No.7, No.10 Alva - 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 9kg Bay Gas - 5kg Afrox - 5kg Megamaster - *Not recommended (certain of these bottles do not have an inner rolled lip therefore there is no means by which to stand can be securely clamped to the gas bottle)
  • Is the stand compatible with my gas bottle?
    This frame is designed to accommodate most size gas bottles that have a base ring with an inner rolled lip. Using a bottle without an inner rolled lip is NOT recommended. ​ Also see our list of known compatible bottles in the question above. If you are unsure of the type of base ring your bottle has, turn the bottle upside down and inspect the ring. Inner Rolled Lip If the base ring of your bottle has an inner rolled lip as shown here, and the inner turn-up is not higher than 15mm, your bottle is compatible. Flat Base Ring (No Inner rolled lip) Use of this gas bottle stand is not recommended if the base ring of your bottle is flat as shown here
  • Is the stand strong and sturdy?
    Yes! The entire stand is of solid steel construction and is designed to have a maximum payload of 30 kilograms.
  • Will the electro-plated version of the stand rust if I leave it outside?
    As with anything steel, it is susceptible to rust and oxidation, whether its stored inside or outside. In an attempt to extend the products useful life, grade 304 stainless steel has been used for all the following parts: Adjustable leg screws Adjustable clamping screw (lead screw) and securing nut Centre pivot bolts and nuts Tether cable The remainder is the frame is of mid steel construction which has been electro-plated. The electro-plating may discolour over time and this version is not rust proof. If you would like a stand that is more resistant to rust, consider purchasing our PREMIUM fully Stainless Steel model.
  • My Stainless Steel stand has brown spots / areas... is it starting to rust?
    The Stainless Steel version of the gas bottle stand is manufactured from a combination of Grade 304 and Grade 316 Stainless Steel. While stainless steel is a superior material, is not rust proof however due to its high chromium content, it is highly resistive to corrosion / rust. If you notice browning, rubbing the area with a new non-metallic scotch bright type pad (similar to your kitchen sink scouring pad sponge) will restore its silver finish. DO NOT use steel wool, any metallic scouring type pads or wire brushes as these will leave iron deposits on the steel and browning will rapidly return.
  • Why is the outer hook on each of the legs not bent as much as the other two hooks?
    Some of the larger gas bottles have a bigger inner rolled lip and therefore the outer hooks on each of the folding legs needed to have a larger bend and less of a hook at the open end in order to secure properly to the bottles ring.
  • Why is my gas bottle not exactly in the centre of the frame when hooked?
    You may find that your gas bottle is slightly offset form centre when hoooked / clamped... don't worry, there is nothing wrong. This may be the case because your gas bottle stand is designed to accommodate many sizes and brands of gas bottles, and the base rings on these various bottles vary in size. When you place the base ring of your gas bottle over the set of fixed hooks. Use the appropriate set of hooks which allow your gas bottle to be centred as much as possible (Not every gas bottle will be exactly centred when hooked).
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